Greeting Card Refresh

A great Christmas idea for the organized and always prepared: a greeting card organizer. There are plenty on Amazon, and many come with starter cards, which is great. My mother bought me one of these many years ago and it is awesome to have, it often saves me a trip to the grocery store, which the week of Thanksgiving, is a wonderful thing! 

Every once in a while, when I am at TJMaxx, Marshall’s, or Homegoods, I grab a stack of their beautiful assortment of greeting cards. They have a pretty good assortment, with much of the focus on babies and birthdays, which are two things the people in my life seem to be currently celebrating! I also grabbed a sympathy card and a “promoted to grandparents” card for a friend’s parents. 

The cards are beautiful, think Papyrus or The Paper Source, but literally a quarter of the price. All of these cards were under two dollars. I hate standing in the aisle at the grocery store, looking at a lackluster card and turning it over to see it is 4.99. So expensive! 

These cards are gorgeous, and embellished, which usually come with a high price tag. Not here!

(A fun garland birthday greeting by Meri Meri, only $1.50)

(Lovely baby card by Punch Studio that reads, “So glad you’re here” on the inside was only $1.99 and comes with a foil sticker for the envelope)

Now that I have a handful of new cards for my organizer, I am going to file them away. Next time I have a birthday or shower to attend, I don’t have to put the greeting card on my grocery list. 

(P.S. I find the most amazing thank you notes at TJ, Marshall’s, and Homegoods as well)