You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile!

I hope my middle school and young high school students take this to heart everyday, their smiles are the best but they don’t show them enough!

I had seen this process on Pinterest but it really isn’t me to be super-crafty and this felt so crafty. When I spotted the perfect ugly paint-by-number in the thrift store, I noticed the nice wood frame and then remembered a spray paint craft I had seen popping up on my Pinterest feed all of the time. The painting was $2.99 so it was worth a shot.

This is the painting before.


I found some great little post it notes at Target and then bought gold and white spray paint at Michael’s. I then had to think of a quote. Annie was always a favorite of mine and I’m pretty sure I have every line in the movie memorized, so this was a great go-to quote for me.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile

I had to perfectly space the lines and letter and when ready, used rubber cement to adhere to letters to the canvas. This was a little time consuming and I suppose letter stickers would work better, I just liked the size and font of the post-it’s I found.





At last, the big reveal! I peeled off the letters and inserted the canvas into the newly gold frame (spray painted) and there you have it, a perfect, new, inspirational mantra for my high school art room.