Kindergarten People Brainstorms

My little kindergarten friends came in today. I have done this project every year since learning about this activity when getting my MFA at Boston University. It is such a simple idea, but a challenge for these little ones. Kids at this age typically draw all people the same and with details to differentiate who is who. The project is simply an exercise in brainstorming people but thinking about adding details so that each person is different. We talk about height, age, clothing, and other details these kids probably haven’t thought to add before. Such wonderful stories come out of these narratives- I’ve had students draw their grandparents as angels and also have hear all about their imaginary friends, which is so much fun. They love talking about these drawings, which is such an important part of the art education process. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!




Almost Ready!

Things are just about ready here at school! I just had a parent drop off these magazines, which is so wonderful. Art teachers out there, send out an email or put a blurb in your weekly reading about magazines for picture references and collage. I have found that any cooking magazine, gardening magazines, and architectural magazines work the best because there are very limited amounts of inappropriate content. There is nothing worse than a fifth grader flashing around an ad for bras to the entire class. You don’t find as many of those distractions in these types of magazines.

I also finished a couple last bulletin boards today and just need to prep what I am actually going to say to the kids on the first day!