Decorating for the Holidays

I am not usually a person who decorates for Christmas until December 1st. I usually feel strange decorating for one holiday when the previous holiday hasn’t passed yet, but this year feels different and I know exactly why. Kids.

I only have one at the moment, but having this little person in my life has made me feel bad for shaming Wegman’s and my mom friends for decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween. I’ve even been playing Christmas music, which goes against all of my rules of the past. Having a child in the house reminds you to celebrate joy, and with so many negative things happening in our world, I am happy to do anything that will make my home feel safe, warm, and festive, even if Christmas is over a month away.

Here is one little Christmas corner, complete with my Grandma’s old skis (how on earth did she ski in them, or lift them for that matter?). The vases are from Hobby Lobby and they are usually perched on my mantle in the off-season as a great neutral space filler, but I filled them with faux cranberries and dried orange slices and put put some fake greens from Michael’s. I made the tags by grabbing plain tags from the scrapbook section of Michael’s. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to paint a little square on the tag and added my holiday wish in paint pen. It was super easy, and the red and white twine really adds something, I think. 

Here are a few more in other everyday vases that I use year-round. 

Here is my mantle! I made this banner a few years back and I love that it has a homemade feel and matches some of my MacKenzie-Childs decor in the living room. I bought the panels at Michael’s in the party decor section. Again, the red and white twine are making an appearance. 

 The Pom-poms are from HomeGoods!

My dining room is the next project on my mind. I love the wall color in the cold of winter but I hate it in the summer-time. I have been reminding my husband that the next project is painting the dining room (or is it retiling the backsplash, framing artwork, or purchasing a mirror for the bedroom over the dresser- there is more than one thing on my wish list). We just replaced a large window in our dining room with a sliding glass door, so now that the door is installed and painted, I want to paint the walls. Anyways, I digress. I found the awesome geometric vases at HomeGoods this spring and put candles and ornaments inside. Wegman’s has a great deal going, $6.99 for large “door swag” which I am laying flat on the table and hoping with a daily spritz of water, they make it to Christmas. I just picked up the relatively neutral tablecloth at HomeGoods and love that it isn’t super-bold. I tend to grab bold tablecloths and everything I put on them gets lost in the pattern, or doesn’t match. I tried to stay simple and I just love how it looks. 

I will post more about my holiday decorating once I put more up!

I also have a few great hand-outs for my art ed friends which I plan to post later this week! Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Paper Wreath

Two years ago, I made this paper wreath and it has stood to test of time (as in it hasn’t faded or been crushed in storage) and each Christmas season, I am so happy to see it again. It was super easy to make, you can totally do this!

I started with a simple cardboard ring that I probably cut out of an old Amazon box. I used acid free green paper in four different hues of green. The greens go from olive to Kelly green, I think you could stick to one type of green if you wanted, but I liked the variety. I drew almond shaped leaves in pencil (if you get one right, make it into a stencil and trace the rest!) and outlined them in Sharpie. I also added a line down the center and small lines drawn close together to add the visual texture or veins of the leaf.

I cut each leaf out and was careful to keep the Sharpie outline around the border of each leaf for consistency. I gently folded them down the center line to make them more 3-D and grabbed my hot glue gun and started glueing down. I made sure not to glue perfectly flat, to give the wreath some form and 3-dimensionality. I glued my ribbon to the back and it was done. It might look nice with a red paper ribbon or maybe I could even draw some brown pinecones for my next one! I love a good DIY project. 

I displayed mine in my entryway and hot glued (just the tiniest drop) it to the backside of the mirror. You could probably use a command strip or something but my hot glue gun was out, so why not.

(Here is is last year, I hung it on a window)

Gold Spray Paint

I’m obsessed. With anything gold, guilded, or leafed. When I walk the aisles of thrift stores, I repeat to myself,

“What would look good dressed in gold?”

I found this darling little pineapple recently and just knew it could shine.

Here is the before and after, now it has a home on my built in bookshelves. $2.00 project.