Paper Wreath

Two years ago, I made this paper wreath and it has stood to test of time (as in it hasn’t faded or been crushed in storage) and each Christmas season, I am so happy to see it again. It was super easy to make, you can totally do this!

I started with a simple cardboard ring that I probably cut out of an old Amazon box. I used acid free green paper in four different hues of green. The greens go from olive to Kelly green, I think you could stick to one type of green if you wanted, but I liked the variety. I drew almond shaped leaves in pencil (if you get one right, make it into a stencil and trace the rest!) and outlined them in Sharpie. I also added a line down the center and small lines drawn close together to add the visual texture or veins of the leaf.

I cut each leaf out and was careful to keep the Sharpie outline around the border of each leaf for consistency. I gently folded them down the center line to make them more 3-D and grabbed my hot glue gun and started glueing down. I made sure not to glue perfectly flat, to give the wreath some form and 3-dimensionality. I glued my ribbon to the back and it was done. It might look nice with a red paper ribbon or maybe I could even draw some brown pinecones for my next one! I love a good DIY project. 

I displayed mine in my entryway and hot glued (just the tiniest drop) it to the backside of the mirror. You could probably use a command strip or something but my hot glue gun was out, so why not.

(Here is is last year, I hung it on a window)


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