Color worksheet for 5th graders

Here is a worksheet I whipped up for my fifth graders today. We are starting large scale paintings in which students will have a choice of color scheme. Since we have studied all of these color combinations in prior grade levels, this is a great review.




Visual texture

Here is a handout I just finished to show my student just a handful of possibilities when it comes to visual texture. They will be referring to this when working on their zentangles in class. The possibilities are endless!



Back in May, my husband and I went the Brimfield Flea Market just outside of Boston. I have always been a fan of refurbishing, repurposing, and digging through piles of junk to get to the good stuff. This explains my love for TJMaxx, garage sales, and other peoples closets. The day at Brimfield was seriously one of my favorites to date- we found vintage pool balls, great old photographs, I searched through someone’s old portfolio and found some great paintings on paper. My hubby had just as much fun with the pulled pork and soft serve ice cream and root beer floats. Yum! We went to the flea in July and it was hot and not as great because there were less vendors and a lot of the exact same pieces we saw in the spring. Here are a few pictures of our adventures. 20120907-201213.jpg20120907-201321.jpg20120907-201433.jpg