4th Grade Kicks

Here is an amazing observational drawing from one of my 4th grade students this week. I mean, c’mon, really? This child is super-talented, but also draws all the time. I think art is like most things, the more you do it, the better you get. Some people believe in natural born talent, I think it is something that is developed at a young age and built upon- like most other things. Anyone can be a good drawer, if they took a lesson, spent some time, did a little research. I am tired of adults saying, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!” Of the 350 students I have, including 4 Kindergarten classes, not one of those kids has ever said that to me.


One response

  1. I did a similar lesson w/ 3rd & 4th graders drawing their shoes. I was AMAZED by some of my students who normally don’t put forth their best effort. They thought it was so cool to get to take their shoes off in class!

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