This week has been busy- but productive in other ways besides my own personal artwork- and that happens. I have about 6 major items on my New Years Resolution list, and probably 5/6 are daily items- which is currently presenting a challenge. I don’t think I will ever be a “daily painter”, but for now I am glad to hold the role of “daily inspirer” to my classes of creative kids. Since I haven’t been sharing my work, ideas, or stories in art education, I am a little backlogged with things to share.

I always try to work with paint, because I do love color, but I have to say, the easiest and most relaxing medium for me to work with is straight charcoal and a white pencil. My obsession with these materials happened in college and I put the pencils away, trying to work with other mediums that are faster, but as soon as I get the charcoal in my hand, I can’t stop. I wanted to write this blog about my daily experience with oil, acrylic, and watercolor paint- but I should just start from the beginning and show you my love of charcoal. I suppose I should just show the journey of a busy person, trying to make time for something that I feel essential to my almost-everyday life.

I watched a film today, too, called Mother Nature’s Child, which is essentially about how the new generation of kids spend less than 40 minutes a week outside. It made me so grateful to grow up in a neighborhood with other children where we would spend hours and hours a week outside. I am going to try to inspire my students to spend more time outside- so an Andy Goldsworthy project is in line for the next month.


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