Fruit Salad

Lately, I have been dreaming up paintings of colorful fruits and just hit that time of year for my Kindergarten students- painting fruit salads. It’s basic- mix the secondary colors using the primary colors and think of a fruit that corresponds with each color- add it to the paper. I am going to have to make my 27 year old version of this tonight, but I thought I would share with you a couple of gems from my little friends. I am truly an inspired artist when I am teaching, I just have to be better about making time when I am not at work to work on my own craft. I have so many ideas I just have trouble finding the time to execute them. New Years resolutions- maybe if I blog about it, it will force me to follow through with my words.


2 responses

  1. Katie, love your blog..and work ofcourse..
    Dylan gets kudo’s for the website “build” ..!!
    The fruit salad is so happy and vibrant.. so much how I would envision a young artist would depict colors!!!! Wish our fruit was as vibrant at this all the time..!!.

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